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The Guildry of Stirling History Prize

Since 2006 and every year to date, 125 Guildry of Stirling History Prize Certificates have been awarded to the participating High Schools within the Stirling Council area as well as the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane and the University of Stirling History Department. Each school or History faculty are awarded the sum of £100 in the form of vouchers and are divided equally between their number of History Prize Winners.

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From 2011 the Guildry of Stirling took the step of creating a Partnership with each School. This took the form of Tablet which are now being displayed in each School. A further Tablet was presented to Stirling Council Head of Education.

Guildry_History_Prize_Web-005The Guildry of Stirling Dux Medal was first introduced at Bannockburn High School in 2007 and has been sponsored every year since. The Medal and presentation box were designed as a joint project by the school and the Guildry. The Medal was struck by the Tower Mint in London. The face of the medal shows the School crest and engraved above the words The Guildry of Stirling. The reverse of the medal has a Laurel leaf with the space for the recipients name and date. The silk screen on the presentation box has the Guildry symbol the reversed four and the words Presented by the Guildry of Stirling and instituted by Alexander 1st in 1119.

Recent History Prize Winners

The following gallery shows the awarding of the History prize to recent winners:

April 2009 – Dunblane High School - Thomas Watt (S6)
April 2010 – Wallace High School Guild Brother Craig Mair presenting the Junior Guildry History Cup.
April 2010 - Dunblane High School - Francisco Garcia (S6).
April 2010 - Bannockburn High School - Dux Medal winner Malcolm Denovan
June 2010 - University of Stirling - James Andrew McKean
June 2010 - University of Stirling - Ms Sophie Scott-Brown
April 2011 - Wallace High School - Sarah Grace Fulton
June 2011 - Queen Victoria School, Dunblane - Tamara Kirkwood-Wright
June 2011 - University of Stirling - Mr Sven Outram Leman
December 2011 - Bannockburn High School - Mr Tom Black
April 2012 - High School of Stirling - Miss Eilidh Candlish
April 2012 - Dunblane High School - David Kelly
June 2013 – Balfron High School - Miss Alice Copland.
June 2014 – Balfron High School - Miss Lucie Howie.