Guildry Medal big The Merchant Guildry of Stirling

Past Deans of the Stirling Guildry

Traditionally, the Dean was the elected leader of the Merchant Guilds of Stirling. The contemporary position of the Dean is that of head of the Guildry which is now a charitable body. The Dean is elected by the members and serves normally a minimum of 2 years, although there is no limited and Deans may wish to complete a particular project before demitting office.

On demitting office, the Dean becomes the Immediate Past Dean whose function is to assist and advise the new Dean until that Dean demits office. There is a Past Deans medal that is worn at all Guildry functions.

It is traditional for a portrait to be commissioned for all Deans at the time of demitting office and these can be found on the walls of the Guildhall. Below is a gallery of a selections of Deans portraits:

Thomas Gillies 1838-39
Robert Forrester 1878-81
William Graham 1849-50
john McEwan 1853-54
Walter Reid? 1854-55?
James Cowbrough 1855-56
James Robb 1858-59
James Chrystal 1861-62
Thomas Low 1865-70, 1882-84
Robert Stewart Shearer 1878-83
Samual Forrester Millar 1890-1900
Parlane MacFarlane 1900-03
John Steel 1907-18
Andrew Buchanan 1917-26
Robert Coull 1940-46
James Forrester Miller 1946-49
James Plank 1957-62
William Jack 1974-78
John Wingate 1978-82
Lewis Hynd 1982-86
George Barclay 1986-89
Robert Cook 1994-96
Robert Blewitt 1996-2000
Archibald Stevenson 2000-02
William Sim 2002-04
Alan Webb 2004-06
Ian Crawford 2006-09
Paul George Miller 2009-11
Gaston Robin Iffla 2011-16

The Deans names are also added to the Dean Boards which can also be found in the Guildhall. A list of all past deans is shown below: